Anza Paps

Sometimes you've just got to wing it.

Sometimes after taking a moment to collect your thoughts, you've got to decide to let them all go.

Sometimes even when your mood says don't go, your inhibitions say "What are you waiting for?"

This particular morning, I had woken up at 3:30am after deciding to hit the desert for the second time of the week with three of the most talented ladies I've had the pleasure of working with. 

Getting photographed by three extremely talented female wedding/portrait photographers is basically a models wet dream. (Seriously these girls made me feel famous and their fun, positive attitudes made this shoots one of my favorites!) 

Paige invited me out to the desert along with a whole other car full of talents but when half of the group ended up bailing, I was given the luxury of being the only model on set. 

Our first detour took us a mile off the main roads and to the edge of a dried up lake. The blazing heat seemed to politely shove us off to the next location after only 15 minutes of baking near the cracked lakebed, however, we managed to pinch out a handful of retro photos!

Our next stop just about took my breath away. 50+ ft. tall canyons just less than 2 hours away from San Diego? I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the coolest thing to squeeze myself through these smooth, beautiful sandy canyons (clumsily of course.. although I'd say I did pretty well considering I was trudging through it all with 2 inch heels.) We walked through the canyons with pure amusement while we passed massive boulders hanging over our heads, begging to be witnessed by the eyes of every passerby. 

My favorite part of this blog post is having similar shots but such individual styles! These woman are so talented! Click on their names below to check out their websites!

Below photographs by Corinne Alexandra / Instagram : @corinnealexandra & @stuckwithpins

Below Photos by  Kamrin / instagram: @kndmco



Below photos by Paige / Instagram: @paigenelsonphoto