Into the Sunset Cliffs We Go

I was already excited for this shoot (my first shoot of 2018) because I was going to work with the extremely talented photography/creator/traveller Rodrigo Trevin and one of my favorite gals/brands to work with Kelly Mancini of  Electric West. What I didn't know was Rod had plans to venture down into sunset cliffs which was a total surprise for both Kelly and I who had never been UNDER the cliffs before. After scaling down a cliff with nothing but a rope and Rod's support overhead, he explained to us that he'd been waiting two year to catch the tide low enough to trek into the cave. BOY WAS I STOKED when I first stepped through the water into the cave. My suede boots weren't happy with me but hey, I can buy a new pair of boots but I can't buy back the experience this photo shoot ended up being.

Rod is actually primarily a landscape photographer and although I wasn't surprised to see how awesome our pictures came out, I was very impressed. I might have left this shoot with one less pair of boots but I gained a friend so I consider that a win!