Why I've Been MIA

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A month ago, I was planning on launching a new blog: something I've wanted to do for quite some time now. I had planned out a name for the blog, got to know very well the niche I was after and I was already planning content. I even got as far as making an Instagram account for the blog but things change: sh*t happens, ya know?

While I like to think of myself as a go-with-the-flow person,  I'm actually very anxious, I give myself bedtimes, I need coffee before I do anything in the morning and if my house is disorganized I feel like my life is in shambles. I guess you could say I'm a mixture of down to Earth and total OCD. You're probably asking yourself if that's even possible and I don't know, I just made it up but it sure as hell seems like a good description for me. 

Any-hoo, I was in the middle of planning this big launch for my new blog when I was presented with an amazing opportunity! As most of you know, I'm a signed model and I work for Hyatt full time so I lead a fairly (lol fairly... I mean very) busy life. Call me a psycho but I love it. I love having a full planner, making money, making plans, staying organized: you know, the whole nine yards. So did I feel threatened or nervous when I accepted the opportunity to be a part time intern for Eckis Marketing? HAIL NO! I was so excited to take on my new tasks and work and finally be doing something that's right up my alley! I've always been interested in marketing but without a bachelors degree, I never really thought I'd get into it so quickly! Of course, with internships, anything can happen but I'm keeping a positive attitude, as I always do and I'm ready now more than ever to do something so new and so thrilling with my life!

With that being said, the new blog I was working on is on the back-burner for now and I'm not quite sure when exactly I'll be able to launch it (which is ok! I'm in no rush! Sometimes it's best to prioritize what's best for your future vs. a hobby you enjoy.). I will, however, still be updating this website with new blog posts and photo sets every chance I get. I do want to keep my anxiety and stress levels to a norm so my content won't be as consistent as before but cut me some slack; I'm a busy little lady. 

I'll be updating you all about anything new on this website VIA my Instagram (as per usual) and my facebook page so keep following along. My journey is just getting started! 

XOXO, Linds 🖤


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