Things to Remember While You Chase Your Dreams


I put a pause on my entire website the past couple of months. I haven't been posting as much on Instagram and I decided to hold off blogging while I focussed on getting a clearer vision on what I'm doing and what's going on in my life. That's OK to do! You need to take breaks from it all to get an outsiders point of view and observe other artists or entrepreneurs that are walking similar paths as you are.

Here are my tips for anyone chasing a dream.

I guess you can call the above paragraph #1 seeing as I believe taking breaks away from all media to focus on what's going on in the real world around you is extremely important. If you're a model/blogger like I am, while you take these breaks, observe what other bloggers are talking about and read about what other models did to earn a living. Basically, STUDY! Keeping a physical notepad on you is ideal because I don't know about you but when I open "notes" on my phone, if often leads to me closing the app right after I jot a quick note and (get sucked into) opening Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or WHATEVER. Apps are endless and whether you're one who wants to admit it, your phone is a distraction from what you're really after here (which I assume is getting paid for your trade).

#2. Be your own biggest fan! Chances are you have friends of all sorts and not all of them or for some of you NONE of them will understand your hustle or be able to support something so up in the air (a dream). You have to be able to use your own eyes and your own better judgement. Don't spend too much time second guessing yourself, just GO WITH IT whenever you feel a creative concept or idea brewing. If your parents are like mine, they're supportive but don't see your dream as concrete and can't wrap your head around what you think you're doing exactly. Without creative support from your friends and family, it's SO important to be your own biggest support system and cheerleader.

#3. When you start to feel unmotivated, reference back to #1 and take a break BUT keep your eyes on the prize. Don't quit just because you're having a hard time. 

close to gold.jpg

#4. You're going to have haters. It doesn't matter what trade you pick; if there's competition, you better believe there will be haters. Let the hate MOTIVATE you. If you have any haters, which I'm sure you do whether you know it or not, then congratulations! you have one or two (or more) reasons to add to your list of why you should keep going: you have people to prove wrong. 

#5. Befriend others in your trade. I've met a handful of genuine people through Instagram (including my good friends, Veronica and Khris) and it's been great having people (not only to hang out with but) to help encourage you during down time or congratulate you when you're doing well. Praise for your good work is almost as important as criticism on your lesser work. I think it's important to swap tips with other dreamers 


#6. Treat everyone you meet like royalty. OK OK maybe royalty is excessive but I really want to make this one clear to you. Just because this makeup artist is working for trade on a small shoot with you doesn't mean that in a year they won't be looking for Dior. Maybe the marketing director has a model call out last minute and they ask that very same MUA if they know anyone close and possibly available. If you were moody or rude at that trade shoot you did with them, you can guarantee your number will not be dialed BUT if you were sweet, treated everyone on set with respect and presented exceptional work ethic, you might end up being Dior's next featured model. I know that's an extreme example but you get the picture. I am signed with my agency and have gotten the big gigs that I have because I made nice with a stylist from a free shoot I did a little over a year ago. The stylist ended up  joining Frank Model Managements team and shortly after contacted me for an interview and oua la! Now I'm an agency model and have worked with brands I used to DREAM about working with!

#7. Keep your life (room, car, phone, e-mails, EVERYTHING) organized. It's hard to focus on your dream when you know you've got chores. Always take care of the things that need to be done before you sit down to write a new piece or curate a new idea otherwise you're subject to extra unwanted stress and (you guessed it) DISTRACTIONS!