How to Prepare and Execute an Awesome Wedding Speech

Last week, in a small town called Ione in Northern California, my eldest sister got married to the love of her life. We'd been waiting on this wedding for two years so I had plenty time to prepare my speech. However, I didn't get to take my time with my speech because I waited until two days before the wedding to finish my speech but it doesn't matter much because you don't need a lot of time and if you think you do, you're over-thinking it! The whole process had anxiety surfing freely through every vein in my body but when I finally knocked it out, I was finally able to take a breath and laugh at how ridiculous I was being! Ridiculous because the most anxious part was yet to come: reciting my speech!

Starting off, I was nervous as hell to write my speech. How long should it be? How do I start it? Do I make is tearful and serious or funny and joyous? 

I read online not to rack any jokes unless you're practically a stand up comedian and KNOW your joke will carry through. WRONG. I'm a quirky kind of gal so I really wanted to throw out a couple lines to make people laugh but I decided against it because the internet told me it wasn't a good idea UGH! When it came down to the time, others with speeches were cracking jokes left and right! I was so annoyed at myself for going a much more serious route. Of course I wanted it to be serious but I did want to add a little personality to it and regrettably didn't. 

I also read online that you should keep your speech under five minutes. I personally think you should keep it under three minutes! Otherwise you end up rambling about unimportant stories for the time. Remember the speech is all about the bride and groom, not you! Short & sweet is best. 

Executing the speech wasn't nearly as stressful as writing it but it was scary for someone with stage right like myself! Anyone else? [If you have stage fight tips, pleaseee leave them below in the comments section!] Anyway's, I think I did a pretty good job considering there was a lump in my throat throughout the entire speech (it's ok to have a few tears here and there!) and there being 130 people right in front of me. I read my speech at least a dozen times before I got up to recite it which helped a ton when it came to be my turn. Knowing what I had already written down gave me the chance to look up and make eye contact with my sister and her new husband a few times. I think it's best to focus on looking at the new couple rather than down at your speech the entire time or looking out at the crowd. You wrote the speech for the couple so they should get your full undivided attention. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a glass of champagne, wine, or some kind of cocktail waiting back at your table for you so you can chug it down after presenting your speech! You've earned it!