Amazon Prime Summer List:

With Amazon becoming well... a true shopping amazon (!) I decided I'd make yet another summer wish list including only items bought on Amazon! These are some of my favorite and most wanted items currently available for one day delivery with Amazon Prime.

1. Straw bags are the hype this summer and I've found two adorable picks to rock with your chic summer attire. You can find them here & here.

2. Warm highlighters! I love a good highlighter and while I usually purchase them from Colour Pop, I found this bad boy on Amazon and for only $6?! WIN/WIN

3. 2 in 1 dry shampoo! Not only does this stuff make it so that I can go an extra day or two without washing my hair, it also adds a beachy texture WHICH I LOVE, of course! 

4. Incase you didn't already know, Amazon is a great place to buy your sunglasses! While they have a ton of brand names, I stick to the Raybans I already own and add a couple cheapo pairs to my collection each year. I'm going nuts over these & these

5. Incase you didn't already know (which you probably do if you read my blog) wrap dresses are my shittttt! Check out these cuties I found on Amazon! Here, Here, & Here

6. I am SO excited to have found this one! I usually take with me my $20 backpack from Walmart I bought years ago on hikes with me, but soon I'll be moving on to bigger and better with this trendy pack

7. Aside from hikes, backpacks are making a huge comeback and I'm LOVING it! Easy on the back and cute with your outfit? Nothing beats a trendy everyday-wear backpack. This one is adorable and I always found this pretty little thang after doing a bit of scrolling.

8. Face mask! I just started using this mask for my acne about a week ago and while it's too soon to tell if it's helping, I've heard nothing but greatness about this mask and it's ALL NATURAL! WHOOP WHOOP! 

9. Essential oils. While I could get my lazy butt out of bed and head to a skin care distributer, why go through all of that effort when Amazon Prime has Rosehip, Hemp seed and Argan Oil all in the same convenient place? Rosehip oil, I use all over my body, hemp seed oil is great for your face and argan oil, I add to the ends of my hair.

10. Trendy beach towels! Lounge on the sand in style this summer with a decently priced beach towel from Amazon like the ones here & here!

There you have it babes! Don't buy it all at once!... or do! 

Happy summer days, beauts!

I'll be catching up again soon!