My Happy List

After a hard month of being overwhelmed, underpaid and all around pretty out of it, it's time to kick my ass back into gear and back into the groove. Happiness is not a destination but sometimes when we aren't where we want to be yet, we get down... we just can't stay down. If you don't make moves, you never get anywhere. SO with that being said, I decided to make a list of the thing that make me the happiest (and I'll leave out my boyfriend who makes me happier than any of these things).

So here you have it, my friends:

My Happy List

1. A deliciously made cappuccino accompanied by a good read. I find it so relaxing to sit quietly at one of my favorite coffee shops (Young Hickory, The Living Room, Subterranean Cafe or James Coffee) and get deep into a new book or blog post while I sip rich espresso.

2. Going on a day or half day trip to somewhere I've never been. Even if I only end up grabbing an acai bowl or coffee in the new town I've run off to for the day, it's always fun to explore a new area and see what they have to offer. My next day trip will be to Ramona, an adorable town about an hour from San Diego that I've passed dozens of times but have never taken the time out to explore.

3. Going on a hike when the temperature is right is one of the most rewarding things (I think) you can do for yourself FOR FREE! Pack yourself a small lunch for a picnic at the peak, plenty of water and your best pair of headphones. Throw yourself onto a new hiking trail or try to beat your last time on a trail you've returned to for multiple hiking excursions. 

4. Workout! Getting myself to the gym is sometimes my biggest struggle of the day but I've NEVER left the gym and felt like 'I really wish I hadn't gone today.' Get your endorphins going, work your ass off (literally) and then reward yourself with a nice cool shower afterwards. You really can't go wrong with a good workout sesh.

5. Face masks/at home spa days are best and most needed (I've found) when I'm feeling out of my groove and I really need to relax. I love finding a new mask (like this charcoal clay mask below) and attacking my acne head on while I listen to music or watch a tv episode on my iPad. 

6. Make a healthy big meal. Make this meal for one or a whole group of people. The healthier and tastier, the better. I love making meals for a group or at least James and myself because not only does it bring me so much joy to eat something delicious I've whipped up, it makes me so happy to watch others enjoy the meal I've put together. 

7. Finding new good-vibey music (like the playlist I created a few posts back on my blog)..... Do I even need to go into details on how the right playlist can highlight your day? I'm sure everyone reading already knows all about the excitement of finding great music so... moving on!..

8. They say not to look for happiness in destinations but I beg to differ; the beach is MY #1 happy place. I can tan, read, listen to music, take a dip in the cool water and repeat all in the same beautiful place. Really, what isn't to love?!

9. Baking. I'm a total housewife-type as soon as I enter the kitchen. Banana bread is my jam but really, I'll whip up anything that comes to mind with the right ingredients. 

10. Cleaning. While cleaning is something I really have to be in the mood for to enjoy it, I find that life is less stressful when my home environment is pristine. When you have less catching up to do at home, you're better able to focus on your outer stressors.