35 Things You Should Do Alone

In a new world based on superficial sociality, it's important to take a step back from society every once in awhile and do your own thing. Gather your thoughts & motivated attitude and knock out some of the things you've been meaning to do with your free time but keep neglecting to binge your favorite TV shows. Grab the remote, shut the boob tube down and get your ass going. Here are 35 perfect suggestions from me to you: Fun Things to do by Yourself!

1. Paint: paint anything that comes to mind. If you can't think of anything to paint, look to Tumblr or Pinterest for inspo!

2. Organize! There's always something to organize, am I right? Whether it be your car, your planner, your room/drawers/closet... I find organizing both helpful and calming (when I'm in the mood for it of course).

3. Go on a walk/run. You don't get out enough in your own neighborhood. Take a stroll to take in the beauty surrounding you everyday. 

4. Take your book (literature or coloring) to the park (or in my case, beach) with a blanket, sandwich and pillow. Lay about nature while putting a dent in your current read the best way possible. 

5. Go enjoy a lunch special at a local bar/restaurant. Instead of sitting on your phone the entire time, observe what the regulars are discussing, chat with your bartender, and taste their local brews on tap. (You can look up lunch specials around you on Google!)

6. Find a hotel or community pool to tan and take a dip in. Many hotels have a $5-10 charge for non-guests to use the pool and it's well worth it! I prefer hotel pools because they typically offer bar and food services but even the community pool is a great place to people watch, catch some sun and cool off.

7. DIY that project you've had on your Pinterest DIY board for ages but still haven't gotten to. Hit Michaels, Lowes or Home Depot as needed and get it going! You'll feel so fulfilled after creating something you enjoy for your house or wardrobe. I made my own DIY goals board public HERE

8. Make your own organic face mask! I love providing myself with an in-home spa day. You can look up different face/body or hair masks HERE &  HERE . Put on a chick flick to play in the background while you jam out witchya bad self. Do ya nails. Clean up ya brows. Make a smoothie.  Eat chocolate. Go crazy! OK OK sorry I'm getting a little carried away. 

9. Bake something delish for yourself or your coworkers/friends. If you've ever baked anything you're proud of, you know how humbling it feels to put a smile on other peoples faces while they taste your creation. Pinterest has a plethora of yummy baked goods. Add your own twists to the recipes here and there. Blow minds.

10. Check out local art galleries or rotating art exhibits. You can find all of your local galleries within seconds on google. Grab yourself an iced matcha or chai and walk around the galleries to admire the art you'd one day love to afford. 

11. Try a new hairdo or makeup technique. You never learn if you don't try it and the makeup/hair tutorials on youtube are ENDLESS! Grab some bobby pins, hairspray and your make up bag and try something new. Surprise yourself.

12. Read blog posts! Bloggers of all kinds are always coming up with new informative and unique blog posts for you all! Find bloggers you enjoy and take notes from their/our experiences! My favorite bloggers to keep up with are The Skinny Confidential and Fashion Lush

13. Go to a local coffee shop to edit your website, study, read something, play brain games, or look for new tunes for your Spotify playlists. San Diego has a TON of good places for this, I made a list a few months ago HERE for San Diegans or anyone visiting from out of town looking for great coffee/snacks.

14. Wash your car (inside and out). Call me odd but I find cleaning my car to be one of the most rewarding things to do. I love having a clean car but living in SD and being a frequent beach goer and LA commuter, it gets messy just as fast as it get cleaned. Before the sun reaches it's peak, I like to hand wash my car and use these wipes for the interior + give it a good vacuum. If you live in an apt., google local car wash locations that offer free self service vacuuming.

15. Do a brewery tour! With the quickly escalating craft brewing industry, there are more breweries now than ever! Take an Uber to a nearby gem and treat yourself to great brews and often great conversation with other people on the tours!

16. Wine tasting. There are noooooot enough local wine tasting rooms in San Diego. For the winery I love, I've got to travel a good 25 minutes so needless to say, I can never drink quite as much wine as I'd like to but if you live nearer to a tasting room or winery, go learn a thing or few about your tastebuds and fine wine. 

17. Take a hike. Bring pepper spray ALWAYS just in case but I love hiking more than I love most things. Taking along a backpack full of water, fruits and other snacks just to enjoy it all to a pristine view, ah, nothing's better. 

18. Meditation. Guided meditation videos are all over youtube and are extremely helpful for anyone just getting started with meditation. Find your center. This is probably the most important thing you should be doing with your alone time. Always find time to breathe deeply and just be.

19. Yoga. Again, youtube is the perfect spot for looking up beginners yoga. Pull your mat out and enjoy a self centering solo yoga sesh in your home or at a park(beach)! OR look up local yoga classes! In San Diego, there are loads of different types of yoga classes happening daily! Look them up on Google! Typically your first class is no more than $10!

20. Workout. Hit your gym or just put on a good workout class on Netflix or Youtube and break a sweat! Get your blood flowing and your metabolism moving!

21. Teach yourself something new. It could be specific words from a different language, the history of a country you've never heard of or it could be a craft like crochet or sewing but with all of the free tutorials and reasonably priced classes out there, you are the only person keeping yourself uneducated on the subjects you'd rather be fluently educated in.

22. Explore a museum. San Diego is a prime city when it comes to our museums. With free admission on Tuesday's, there's no excuse not to venture into the Balboa museums when you've got some time on your hands.

23. Go see a movie matinee. Burry your face in that popcorn bag shamelessly while you go see that new chick flick/rom com your boyfriend doesn't care to see. Indulge in a movie date for one!

24. Go see a Broadway show. Can't find anyone to join you? Don't let it stop you! Sing along to your favorite musical as it unwinds before your eyes OR see a community theatre play! 

25. Follow one of your favorite local musicians to their next show. Whether it be at a pub or poolside restaurant, go out and clap your hands and support your local artists! Most musicians post their upcoming shows to their social media so it isn't hard to keep an eye out for where they'll be next. OR you can look at venues that invite local artists and mark you calendar for the artists you'd like to see.

26. Ride your bike/skateboard/roller blades. Loosen up a little, get those muscles moving, and wave & smile to any passerby's.

27. Take a bath. Drop in a bath bomb, salts or bubbles and let your soul soak up the goodness. Read your book or bring your laptop over with your favorite TV show on and relax.

28. Redecorate your room! Fed up having your dresser at the foot of your bed and desk right beside you? Use those muscles babe! Transform your room. I'm one of those people who likes rearranging my room every few months or so!

29. Get a massage! Groupon has amazing discounted massage deals, just don't forget to leave a hefty tip!

30. Write letters to your family members and send them love from your new home. Parents especially love hand written letters. Put a smile on your fams face as they rip open their individual letters about the gratitude you have for them and the new challenges you've been facing and conquering. 

31. Plan/Budget your next trip. Whether you plan on taking it in a few months, a year or two, start planning NOW. You don't need to plan out every aspect but give yourself a rough budget idea so your trip is less stressful by the time it comes around. Figure out how much you'll be spending on food and activities each day and stick to that budget. Your future self will thank you for it.

32. Take a day trip! I love exploring North County San Diego as I live in the heart of SD. It's nice to get out and explore spots you've never seen and getting to know a city you've never been to.

33. Do research for your blog. You can either look online or go out and do a people/social experiment. Shock yourself and your readers with what you find.

34. Plant something/ create a planter. Watching plants grow after tending to them with patience and care is extremely humbling, challenging (sometimes) and rewarding. You can look up DIY planters HERE

35. Write an official bucket list and/or chart out your yearly/monthly goals in your planner. Whether you end up reaching those goals or not, setting them is always the first step.