I Wish I Could Could Tell My 18-year-old Self..

I don't know how exactly it happened but yesterday I woke up ready to walk down my high school graduation catwalk and today I woke up as a 23 year old battling bills and negative energy. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! 

I'll tell you what, 18 years old doesn't seem like it was five years ago and though the time flew right in front of my face, I learned SO much this past 1/2 decade. I only wish my 18 year old self knew all that I know now..

Dear 18 year old Lindsey, 

Stop thinking anything is going to fall in your lap. Never feel like just because you think you deserve something that it will come to you. Manifestation takes ACTION and consistency is KEY! Don't think that anything is out of your reach! If you can dream it, you can make it happen but it's going to take all you've got. Negative energy will be a consistent visitor on your doorstep so YOU yourself have to learn what works best for you when it comes to keeping positive and happy.

You'll always have haters and sometimes the hate will be hidden underneath a friends smile. Get to know who your real friends are because in reality, you probably only have 2 or 3 people in your big ass circle (who aren't your family) that actually want to see you thrive. It's not hard to tell who your real friends are if you just PAY ATTENTION to who is there for you, even if it's just to talk, when you need them. 

You might think you'll never meet someone who will give you a love quite like your first. In a sense, you're absolutely right. You first love is typically feels like your hardest break up because when you're young you think you are only meant to have one love. WRONGO baby baby. Though this relationship was vital in making you the human that you are today, you have so much growing to do all by yourself and THEN you may run into the one you're meant to spend your life with. Maybe you never will, but that isn't what life is about anyways. Your heart won't be broken forever. Allow yourself to heal. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep yourself busy and focused on what really matters in your life: yourself and your friends & family.

Take everything one task at a time. I know you think the world is yours but you’re going to have a damn hard time if you’re always trying to get everything accomplished at once. Take your time. You will only distract and frustrate yourself if you only focus on instant gratification. TAKE YOUR TIME!!

Even if you make plans, they are likely to change drastically. Try to stay on target anyways but always expect that things could change at any time.
You could even be contracted into a job with high pay but the day of the gig, it’s canceled. With this being said, always expect NOTHING that way you CAN’T be disappointed when shit doesn’t go the way you planned because you weren’t planning on it working out perfectly anyways.

Put the partying aside. You’ll come across a lot of ‘do I play or should I work?’ times. There were plenty of time my 18-year-old self went out for a late night just to wake up hungover as hell the next morning and to be miserable for work. It isn’t worth it. You feel like you’re missing out when you wake up the next morning to view the snaps of your friends getting plastered but there will ALWAYS be other opportunities to party your face off. Again, FOCUS on what's important. You have endless years to come and countless parties to attend but always choose what you know is right for you. If you think you shouldn't be going out, you're right so DON'T.

Have an open mind AND open heart. You’ll grow bitter and angry if you let everything get to you. Take it all lightly and truly get to understand that everyone is going through shit or has gone through shit that you’ll never know about. Some/most people aren’t going to be able to hide their emotions and attitude as well as you do. Don’t let them get you down, just rise above by staying positive and killing everyone you meet with kindness.

Credit cards aren’t free money. DON’T USE THEM. 

OK OK I’m being excessive. Of course you’re going to use them because you need to build your credit up but BE CAREFUL and BUDGET! Budgeting is SO important so get a budget book and write down EVERY purchase whether it be on your credit/debit card or cash! Look over your expenses frequently and take notes on what you can and should cut down on. For example, if you’re spending $5 on coffee everyday, you might as well invest in a $120 Keurig because you’re spending that same amount of money every month!

Don’t be in a rush to find “true love” or any kind of relationship for that matter. Take as much time as possible just getting to know YOURSELF and please PLEASE if there’ any advice you take from this blog post, PLEASE fall in love with yourself. & if you don’t like the person you are, change it!!! It was when I was going through the toughest breakup of my life that I finally got to get to know myself and hey, I had to change a lot. I had to learn how to become a person I liked and let me tell ya, it was more work than I thought it was going to be but was it worth it? Fuck yes. I now love the person I am today and that doesn’t mean I’m conceited, I am content and happy with myself. I feel wholesome. When you are single and by yourself, this is the BEST time to work on the person you are and take car of any necessary improvements.

Don’t pass up once in a lifetime opportunities. There’s a reason they call it that. Coachella, EDC and any other festival is not what I’m talking about (they come around every year so you can always go back to it when you've got the proper funds. I’m talking about shit that really only comes around once in your LIFETIME! Whether it be your favorite artist on tour or a camping trip with buddies, do not miss these important times. You might not get the opportunity to see your favorite artist again or go camping with the same people again. Learn the difference between a once in a lifetime opportunity and a fun time. Sure fun times are great but they aren’t worth breaking the bank for the same way that once in a lifetime shit is.

Understand that your parents aren’t and haven't always been right. Your parents are always there to share opinions and give advice but keep in mind that your parents are only human too and they DON’T know everything. Whether you like to think so or not, you are a product of the society around you but MOSTLY your parents. You’ve been raised to take their advice and follow in their footsteps and they only have your best interests in mind but bear in mind that they’ve made mistakes and they are biassed to what they know. You live a different life and the world isn't the same way it was when they were growing up. You can pave your own road by absorbing your parents lessons and either taking their words for what they are or manipulating them into what you think they should be.