How I Edit Instagram Posts

When I'm editing a photo from my iPhone, I like to edit it not only to get the original photo to fit the aesthetic of my page, but to make it look less like an iPhone photo and more like a professional photo. 

[Bear in mind that these edits and photos look different on a laptop screen than a phone screen. They are all edited to look good with my instagram feed on my phone]

Here I'm going to edit a selfie and a standing photo for you.

With the selfie, I first want to clean up any acne on my face. I don't think of this kind of touching to be unfair. Blemishes aren't freckles, they go away! So once that zit is gone, we don't want to look back at a picture to be reminded of it!

I use the Airbrush app for this kind of retouching.

After the acne is gone and my face is smoothed out (just a bit, you don't want to over smooth anything EVER), I start whitening anyyything that should be white in the photo (i.e. my teeth, eye balls and in this case, T-shirt. The whitening just makes anything "white" stand out more and in my opinion, it helps the photo altogether to reallly whiten your whites.

When all is done here, I head over to App #2, Lightroom!

Ah how convenient it is having the Lightroom App! This guy is my fav of all time. I won't be using it too much for this photo but I'll give you the idea.

I typically adjust the general lighting in my iPhone photos but since this photo HAS perfect lighting, I let the exposure, brightness and contrast alone. 

Here, I only edited the blacks to make them slightly blacker and the whites to make them slightly lighter. 

Next up, I add the color back in my skin that I lost while messing with the black and whites by clicking the orange and adding saturation. I also added more color to my eyes with the blue setting. I LOVE these selective color settings, definitely my favorite part of this app.

Lastly I usually like to add "detail" or "sharpen" the photos but I'll do that with the next because this one does't need it.



After: all cleaned up

After: all cleaned up

Next I'm doing a full body photo and the changes will be far more significant than with the selfie.

First tool I'm going to utilize with this photo is the smoothening tool on Airbrush. It'll be the only feature I use in airbrush for this particular photo. I'm only smoothening out my skin because my iPhone camera sucks and when you zoom in, my skin looks pixelated (yuck!)

Next, I head to LR to fix the colors. I didn't do too much light adjusting here because it's pretty nice to begin with but I did turn up the exposure and lighten the lights and darken the darks as I always like to do with my photos.

Afterwards, I tweaked the colors to give the blues a more tropical look and the color correct my skin tone.

Lastly, I use the detail setting (on low) to give the edges more definition.



As always, babes, if you have any questions, drop them below! I hope you found this tutorial useful!