Summer 2017 Essentials

Everything you need on your Summer shopping list this year!

image by Rhodora Espiritu 

image by Rhodora Espiritu 


Hey peeps! Upon popular demand, I've decided to put together a summer essentials list with all of my favorite products to keep around for the summer and some items I have on my own summer wish list this year.

We'll start with,


1. For sunscreen, I use Honest Company's 50 spf. for my chest, neck and face. This stuff is phenomenal when the sun starts to burn your pretty, fragile skin. I'm all for getting some sun but here in San Diego, the sun is extra intense during the summer and it's important to keep sunscreen handy. Although, this sunscreen is rather thick so for the rest of my body, I use my favorite-smelling sunscreen ever which is here

2. For sun tan oil when you're looking to bronze your bods, I stick to Hawaiian Tropic or Maui Babe tanning oils. For both, a little goes a long way and they quickly escort you to the summer sun-kissed skin you're looking for.

3. For finishing up my after-the-beach shower, I moisturize my skin with my The Body Shop lotions. I have a few different scents and concoctions but my favorite for summer is this. After a day of being in the sun, moisturizing is SO important. 

4. To give my hair the beachy waves I'm consistently asked about, after washing my hair, I put this hair serum and let my hair air dry. First I brush my hair to keep it (slightly) under control and then I scrunch my (still damp) hair with this serum. Not only to my beach waves come out exactly how I like them (subtle but prominent) but it smells delicious!

5. For mornings before a casting or shoot, before I've had my coffee and put my makeup on, I settle the bags under my eyes using these bad boys! You can't beat the price and I find that they really do help immensely. They are refreshing and can be used on any given day. Just pop them under your lids nd give yourself 10-15 minutes to relax (like i never do. I typically slap them on and continue with my getting ready routine.)

For staying cool:

1. Plastic water bottles are OUT. Hydro-flasks are IN and for a good reason too! These bottles will keep your water/drinks ICE cold for over a day! OVER A DAY. My personal favorite part about them isn't the temp control, though, it's the fact that they do not condensate! Hallelujah!!

2. One big item on my wishlist this year is a beach umbrella! I've searched all of Amazon for one with amazing reviews but I've fallen short in finding one. This summer, I've decided I've got to invest in a nice umbrella so my beach sessions can last longer seeing as we wont be melting away in the sun hours straight. I'll keep you all posted when I do find one worth while. If you have a particular brand that works well, let me know in the comments below!

3. Brita Filter makeover! For a most hydrating experience in home this summer, add slices and cucumber, mint and lemon (without the peel) in your canisters. The refreshing feel and taste should encourage you to drink a lot more water this summer.

4. Popsicle trays!!!! We raved about these when we were growing little chumps and we're still raving about them as adults.. why? Because now we're old enough to curate our own delicious pops using organic juices and fruits. Try making ice pops out of the refreshing water from your Brita filter and stay cool with something more refreshing than sweet. I bought my cheap trays from Target but I'm thinking about grabbing some of these bad babes this summer. 

5. DIY acai bowls! I have a whole post on these here. Prices of acai and pitaya bowls in San Diego range from $7-$10!!! For just ten dollars more, you could have a full acai set up to make yourself 6 bowls or more (depending on your portions).

For wearing:

1. Wrap dresses! These are currently my favorite summer essential item! So easy, breezy and effortlessly beautiful! Wrap dresses are sold all over the internet but my favorite places to buy are here, here, and here.  

2. Summer hats! Along with cute sunnies, summer hats are going to be a hit this summer when it comes to keeping your face protected from the harsh sun. My favorite brand to buy all kinds of caps from is here

3. As far as bikinis go, there are two particular brands I'm raving about this summer! BOTH I had the opportunity to work with this year which I couldn't be more thrilled about! Girl owned and girl ran, Black Bough and Sundia Swim. All designs are original and stunning in their own ways. 

4. For my summer lip shades, I'm sticking to Colour Pop Cosmetics. I LOVE their ultra matte collection and you can't beat the prices. I'm actually shocked they sell each matte lippy for $^ because in my opinion, they are worth so much more! Try "Bimbo", "The Twirl" and "Wild Nothing" for summer looks. 

5. Beach bag! I've yet to find a beach bag I'm in love with. I've owned countless totes and large handbags that I thought suitable for the beach but they've all fallen short. So this summer, added to my wish list is this bag which not only looks perfect for a day at the beach but for a travel carry on as well! If you have any beach bag recommendations, comment below!


1. Another item on my wish list this year in a polaroid camera. There's just something about film that warms our hearts, am I wrong? Well if you're like me and hesitant about buying a polaroid camera because you feel you won't utilize it much, start with a disposable film camera. After developing your film, I'm sure you'll end up like me, wanting a polaroid to add to your camera collection. It doesn't get much better than having instant gratification after taking a photo.

2. Fanny packs! If you're like me and HATE carrying a purse around unless I absolutely have to lug my laptop around with me, you might look in to a fanny pack yourself. For my credit cards and ID, I use this phone case and then just add some sunscreen, travel size lotion and a couple snacks to the pack and I'm ready to roll. Here has some cutie packs or I also found some really awesome designs here

3. For keeping your skin and razor bumps under control this year, I found this useful pin! I always thing aloe is a great help in summer for all different kinds of skin sensitivities from the sun, your razor or this dry heat! I find the best Aloe products here

4. Drink koozies! I love me an ice cold can of beer on the beach but I hate getting sand all over the bottom from the condensation and the result: getting sand in my poor mouth! Grab a floaty koozie to use inside or outside of the water this summer. 

5. Essential oils. You didn't think I'd miss this one, did you? Good! You're catching on here! Essential oils can be used for all kinds of remedies but in the summer, they're main focus is to clear the air of dry sucky heat and fill it with healing and healthy aromas. I found a ton of different oil combos that you might find helpful this summer on Pinterest.  

There you have it, babes! My full 2017 Summer Essentials list. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comment section below! Leave feedback or praise (hehe) or hate or whatever. I love hearing from you al! 

Disclaimer: this is not a paid promotion for any of these items. I was not hired by any of the above mentioned brands and websites. I wrote this post strictly with my own biased opinions on my favorite summer products and essentials. Thank you!