Where I'm Shopping This Summer

I get products sent to me from brands all over the world but when it comes to shopping for myself, I have a fairly consistent list of places I visit for wants/needs. After many people inquiring where I get this and that, I decided I'd make a blog post about my favorite stores and what I go to them for. So grab a coffee and get your shopping carts (virtual and physical) ready because you'll love these places!

1. Dream Girls OB (San Diego): this spot has always been a favorite but have you gotten the chance to check out all of their new summer collections?! If not, you're missing out! I found two beautiful dresses here for my Costa Rica trip! One for a fancy dinner and one that can be worn casually at the beach or a nice brunch!

2. REI (international): This sporting goods corporation has everything you'll need for camping (and in my case hiking) this summer. I bought my Ahnu hiking boots here and they fit perfectly! I'll be returning soon to grab comfy socks for hiking in the rainforest!

3. The Closet (Fashion Valley/San Diego): I love this location in particular because it's got a PERFECT mix of THE CLOSET and THE CLOSET Signature. You can find crop tank tops here in every color for under $5 each or a nice dinner dress for a hot date! It's also where I've been buying almost all of my shoes for the last year. I can't wait to see all of the different sandals they get in for summer. Most of their sandals run around $20 and their booties $35.

4. Beverly's Fabric & Crafts (San Diego): I'm all for Michael's but when it comes to DIY home work or when I'm feeling extra crafty, I come to this spot. It's got such a wide variety to set your brain off on a crafty tangent. 

5. Amazon Prime (international): I'm a huge fan of Amazon Prime! If you don't have an account yourself, ask a friend to join with you to cut the yearly cost. It's so worth it! I check Amazon for everything before I buy it in store because it's typically cheaper and comes right to your door! It doesn't get much better than that.

6. ASTR the Label (international): You can shop this brand in Bloomingdales, Macy's and boutiques all around San Diego but I'm more of an online gal. ASTR has a look-book FULL of beautiful summer dresses and beachy looks (aka my favorite two things!) Their dresses and designs are such high quality and can be worn either to the beach, brunch, shopping, a wedding, farmers market... ok this list may never end. You get the picture. You can find me featuring one of their dresses here.

7. Black Bough & Sundia Swim (international): I couldn't just choose one! Both of these online shops have high quality and very affordable bikinis! I just recently received 3 new bikinis from BB after loving my first set of 3 bikinis so much! They were all I wore last summer and the BB trend isn't ending anytime soon! As for Sundia, this small name brand has the most GORGEOUS designs and everything is handmade by the founder locally here in Southern California. I always love supporting my local gals.

8. Ace Hardware (international): Lady friends.. feeling extra artsy? Wanna DIY a night stand or paint an old dresser? Maybe DIY some shelving in your palace or you'd like to decorate your house with pretty plants, Ace is your place. Pinterest up your idea and take it straight to Ace. The employees at any Ace are so helpful and will tell you exactly what you need and where to find it for all of your crafty/DIY ideas.

9. Buffalo Exchange (check for a location near you): You can shop at this fashionista thrift/trade shop but in this particular post, I want to mention accessories. Many of their accessories are brand new and they are always rotating in new styles that keep up with trends. Some of my favorite chokers and earrings have come from BE and people are shocked when they hear the prices I purchased them for.

10. ASOS (international): This is another spot you can cross off multiple checkmarks on your fashion checklist this summer but for me, I'm particularly interested in their sunglasses this year. I've got one pair of Ray Bans but I can't afford to have 10 different styles of them! So that's when I turn to the ASOS app where I can find adorable stunners anywhere from  $10-$60. Check them out!

There you have it! I hope you found this blog post useful! Leave comments, thoughts, questions, suggestions below! 

Disclosure: I was not paid by any of the brands I mentioned above for featuring them on my blog. I featured them on my blog for my followers knowledge, not for compensation.