Motivating Tips

Like many others, I'm guilty as hell of losing interest in the gym right in the middle of when my body needs the push the most. All photos by Mike . 

I start to make progress and I work my ass off for weeks at a time and then fall out and won't have another gym day for a week and a half and confuse my muscles.

I've been trying extra hard lately (after getting signed with my first agency, Frank Models yayyy!!) to stay consistent with the gym and I've been taking the advice of my own little tips to keep me going.

These tips may not work for everyone but I've found them to work very well for myself so I thought I'd share them with you and I'll keep it short and easy (how I like my gym trips to be lol)

1. Have your before-gym meal picked out the day before and ready to be made. Something quick, easy, and healthy... like the acai bowl I showed you a few posts back!

2. Have the outfit you will be wearing to the gym or your workout laid out before you go to bed the night before. This makes it easier for you to be ready to go quickly in the morning (before you can convince yourself not to go or that you don't have enough time.) I don't know about you but when I look better at the gym, I feel more motivated to be there. Stupid, considering no one should look amazing at the gym but it is what it is.

Lindsey Whispering Sands-89.jpg

3. Plan your workout routine for the next day the day before you hit the gym again. 'Ok I did 1,000 stairs today and 150 squats. Tomorrow, I'll hit the treadmill first, head to the circuit room to do 3 sets of ab workouts and then cool down with the treadmill.'

4. Make it a point to choose the healthier dish. It's a simple fact that when you eat better, you feel better. Just google/pinterest a few quick meals and a few healthy dinners, write down recipes and make sure you have the ingredients stocked already so you don't have to stress about going to the grocery store every time you think of a healthy meal to make.

5. Check yourself out before you shower. Look at yourself thoroughly and think about the body you want. Enjoy every inch of the body you've already got, but mentally point out to yourself the plan you have for your body and thing about the discipline you'll need to get there.