My Favorite Phone Applications

I spend a lot of time on my phone (by a lot, I mean more than I'd like to) and between managing e-mails and  social media it can sometimes become overwhelming, but I also love the technology aspect of it's tiny apparatus. I can pay bills, transfer money to friends, edit pictures, check my website analytics and manage my inbox's on one tiny glass screen. 2017/18 is               D O P E!    I'm constantly looking for more apps to add to my device to make my life easier (we're lazy beings, what can I say?!).

To save you some trouble today, I'm going to share with you all my favorite apps on my phone!

1. Venmo... I'm sure you've all heard of this one already but for those of you a little behind, Venmo is a money transfer app and I use it ALL the time. 

2. Airbrush... There are two tools on this apps I utilize: the blemish eraser and whitening tool. I'm not a fan of yellow light so I use the whitening tool to make everything that I don't want highlighted in the picture less obvious. The blemish tool is perfect for getting gum spots off of concrete, editing a sticker on your fruit out of a photo and (duh) for blemishes.

3. UNUM... This is probably my favorite app of all time. I can preview photos in my feed before I post them, check the best times to post to instagram, and check IG analytics on this perfect FREE app!

4. VSCO... We had a love/hate relationship at first but I've finally go my editing down to an art. I'm OBSESSED with the M5 filter right now!

5. Hopper... This app tracks flights for you and notifies you when they reach their lowest price! James and I always use this app months in advance before booking our flights. (JUST BOOKED COSTA RICA!!)

6. Favorite shopping apps... Amazon, Romwe, ASOS, Boo Hoo and Depop.         Depop is a resale shop where you can buy and sell oldies but goodies. Mine is linked here. I just recently bought a polaroid camera for $30 from Depop! can you say SCORE?!?! I bought it here and received my camera very quickly! I was definitely impressed by the communication and quickness of this seller.

7. Groupon... ALWAYS check Groupon before I get my hair done, buy tickets to ANYTHING or buy anything that there could possibly be a Groupon for.

8. Mile IQ... I use this app whenever i have to make a trip to my agency or go to LA for a job or casting. It tracks your milage for you so you can log it away as a work related commute. 

9. Heads Up... this is SUCH a fun drinking game. OK OK maybe it isn't supposed to be a drinking game but do it on girls night... drink for every answer you don't get. 

10. BOX... this app is where I sync photos from my phone to my laptop. I've had the free version for years and it's yet to fill up! I prefer it over Dropbox!

If you have an app you think I should check out, comment below! I'll feature you in my Insta Story if I end up loving the app! 

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