The Only Holiday Spirits You Need

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As I sit here typing this post, sipping delicious cocktails and belting out Christmas music (incase you didn't know, "The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear"), I want nothing more than to give you all the -not so- secret recipes for my favorite Winter poisons.

Whether the Christmas shopping has come to an end or it's just beginning for you, chances are you'll need a drink to go with the stress that inevitably latches onto our holiday spirits (pun intended).

Luckily for me, the only person on my holiday shopping list is taken care of so it's time to sit back, relax and present you all the delectable cocktails I whipped together for this blog post. 

Let's start with the holy grail of Christmas drinks: Mulled Wine.

It won't matter if you prefer red or white here; mulled wine is a holiday favorite for all consumers. 

What you'll need: mulled wine , mulled spices, 1/2 cinnamon sticks 

Directions: Put a small pot on the stove with the heat low/medium with mulled wine inside. Add spices to your flavor preference (I do two tbl. spoons full) and cinnamon stick. Stir every minute. Wine should be ready to pour into a mug within 5-7 minutes. !DONT OVER COOK OR YOU'VE BURN OUT ALL OF YOUR BOOZE!

MMMMMMM that wine is so good tastey and toasty.

Moving along to my FAVORITE holiday cocktail. I'm only 100% sure that this is going to be a game changer for ALL of you. I found out about this drink when I was 6 months fresh to San Diego and still only 21 years old. I was knew nothing about which cocktails I preferred (back then i was drinking whisky sours where ever I went LOL) so I was intrigued when a bartender (Dec. 2015) said "I mean I've never tried it before but I have a customer who's obsessed." Skeptical, I had her put together this strange cocktail and what do ya know, I WAS IN LOVE.

Back to the recipe's, my FAVORITE holiday drink: Rumchata and Dr. Pepper

What you'll need: ice, 2 parts Dt. Pepper, 3 parts Rumchata and a pinch of powdered cinnamon on top.

The only directions for this one are stir that bitch up and ENJOY!

Now we've got another super simple recipe sure to thrill holiday party attendees & holiday party avoiders: Southern Comfort Egg Nog and Maker's Mark.

Every dad on the planet knows this one but I found the PERFECT egg nog for it! Southern Comfort's is literally made for adding bourbon or whisky to it.... more particularly So Co but I'm happy to say my So Co days are behind me (ah the memories). (I bought mine at Von's).

What you'll need: ice, 2 parts whisky (I prefer Maker's), 3 parts egg nog, topped with a splash of Dr. Pepper.

Lastly but not leastly (I'm a little tipsy so don't mind me while I pretend that makes sense) we've got a fall/winter classic: Fireball and Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider.

This drink is already infused with spices so your only instructions here are to add some ice, 1 part Fireball to 2 parts of sparkling cider and you're set. Just be careful about how much you consume of this guy, he goes down easier than Santa goes down a chimney. 

(PS if you have time to add a little more to your drink, put fireball in pitcher with diced apples and leave in your fridge for a few hours)

Ah, well there you have it. Now put on your robe and favorite holiday movie, kick your feet up and enjoy one of these delicious drinks! 

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