Gifts for Him & Her

I happen to be one of those weirdos who LOVES shopping for their significant other. Unfortunately, my stubborn boyfriend has made it very clear to me he only wants ONE thing for Christmas this year (a $200 duffle bag from Polare).


Anyways, since I don't get to go all crazy with my shopping this year (ugh), I've decided to make a list for the ladies and gents who DO get to shop for their babes this year.

Incase you're stumped on what to get your guy/gal and they are one of those "well I already have everything I need" kind of people, I'm here to help you out. 

Let's start of with gifts for the guys!

1. Calvin Klein, HurleyAdidas or Stance boxers/briefs. Every guy appreciates a good pair of chonies. 

click image to purchase

click image to purchase

2. Duffle Bag. While searching down James' one and only duffle bag he wants, I ran into a couple I really liked and think your guy might too! Click here & here for my favorites. 

3. Baseball caps. Favorites from Stone, Vans and Zumiez.

4. Socks! My favorite brand for both men and women's socks is Stance (surprise surpise).  

5. Cologne is always a great gift for THE BOTH OF YOU!  Macy's has every cologne you could ever want to buy your man.

6. Concert/sports event tickets 

7. Gift card to your favorite restaurant to visit together or to a place you've both never been to.

8. Scotch sets/decanters Pottery Barn.

9. Shoes

10. Zippo

11. PJ pants (James loves Calvin Kleins)

12. Water Bottle

13. Sports Jersey 

14. Scarves

15. Back massager/scratcher

16. Top Shelf scotch

17. Belt

18. Pocket knife

19. Tool box/new tools

20. New watch


1. Kindle/Nook

2. Essential oils + oil diffusers/ oil diffuser jewelry 


3. Jewlery

4. Polaroid Camera

5. Perfume (my absolute favorite is The One)

6. Mani/Pedi gift card (ask her favorite place or look up spots with great reviews on Yelp)

7. Cozy Blanket

8. Cozy PJ's

9. Lingerie

10. CBD oil/products

11. Tasty bottle of Champagne or Wine

12. Workout/yoga pants

13. Wine decanter & wine glass set

14. Cashmere scented candles

15. Hiking/active backpack

16. Bath Bombs/ body butter / lotion

17. Travel bag

18. Art Piece/painting by a local artist

19. Sunglasses

20. UV light kit for nails

21. Purse

22. Lip Balm

23. Sephora/Ulta gift card

24. Cord Organizers

25. Face Masks (Favorites from LUSH)

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