Your Guide to Fall Fashion on a Budget

You've got some money set aside for fall goods but the plethora of brands and bloggers recommendations can get over whelming. I've decided to share with you all items on my own personal wish list this year and hope this helps you decide what items to splurge (but save) on.

My favorite shops to buy clothing amongst other items for fall are:

  1. Lost & Wander
  2. Amazon
  3. Target
  4. TJ Maxx
  5. CottonOn

Amazon is where I happened to run into the cutest rain SHOES! I've never been one for rain boots, they just don't fit my style but these London Fog rain shoes are perfect for the wetter days! I've also linked these boots I really like!


I'm a sucker for comfy sweaters but they can run pretty pricey when the season comes around! Luckily, Cotton On currently has a 2 for $40 deal on SUCH cute sweaters such as the one pictured to the right! I also love Cotton On for decently priced long sleeved shirts and sweat pants. I'm pretty sure at this point, all of the sweats in my drawers are from Cotton On. You can hardly get them off of me in the colder months.

Another brilliant Amazon find is the massive collection of scarves they've got. They've got every color, pattern and style you could possibly think of. From plaid to plain, Amazon has got your neck covered this winter and every one I was fond of was in the $8-$16 range. (I particularly like mens scarves for myself.)

As far as heavier jackets go, I never splurge on a jacket until I've already checked out my favorite thrift shops. In San Diego, Buffalo Exchange is my go-to but I've found beautiful coats at Good Will in perfect condition as well! You've just got to know what your looking for and have the patience to dig through the racks. I found two of my favorite jackets while thrifting including this Banana Republic coat I scored for just $30!! I call that a steal! 


The next site I mention doesn't have the greatest reputation online but I took my chances with them and I was NOT disappointed. I ran into Romwe while searching for new items to add to my wardrobe. The site is both up to date with fashion and the quality and sizing were both on point with my expectations. I bought two pairs of winter boots including these comfy heeled pretty lil thangs. 


Anyways babes, that's all I've got for now. I hope you find my list useful this season. Winter is coming (hehe).

As always, please leave questions or helpful comments below!