Can't we catch a break?

The answer is NO. 

Because time won't stop, your bills won't slow and your life, regardless of the days that drag, goes on.  

It can and will trample you alive if you let it.

It had always occurred to me that we had two choices with our lives: either stay stagnant where you are or run with the flow and pray you can keep up with the constantly changing pace.

It wasn't up until two years ago (holy shit it's been that long already?) that I realized life wasn't about trying to stay in-between societies lines of what my life is supposed to be. I've found a way around letting everything hit me with full intensity.

I didn't create a new world of my own or search any longer for an escape like I tried for so long to do. Instead I started finding and taking ahold of the opportunities and beauty this life presents. I used to roll my eyes when people would say "There's beauty in everything, you just have to find it." 

'HAHAHA,' I'd think. 'My flat tire and hangover are so beautiful, right?'

Well come to think of it, that flat tire led me to an American Tire which just so happens to be across the way from The Pancake House (on Convoy in San Diego, 92111) where I had one of the best eggs benedict dishes I had tried in a long while. The hangover starts to lighten after a coffee and a shower. What's so wrong with having a reminder present that you lived it up the night before anyway? 

I'm not sure when or how it finally clicked but one day it just did. I got ahold of my life when I discovered that everything was in my own hands; this included my happiness, my money, my goals, the directions I go and the time I spend on God-knows-what. There's no avoiding the shit days so you might as well smile at them, accept that they're there, deal with them when you must and go on with your day because no matter what it is your facing, life goes on around you. You can either drown in the obstacles you're being forced to deal with or you can saddle the fuck up and roll with the punches.

I'm not saying to ignore your problems, that'd be entirely unrealistic, but it's your OWN responsibility to keep your head on straight. It's ok to get sad sometimes, get lost, feel depressed, have anxiety, call your mom freaking out, etc..

(Trust me, if it wasn't for my coffee or planner, I probably wouldn't even be writing this to you so quick shoutout to caffeine for keeping me up when my energy is down and my planner for keeping my head on straight when life feels overwhelming.)

Just don't become so absorbed in negative moments or times that you blind yourself to the beautiful day in front of you. Take a breath and open your eyes. You'd be amazed at all you can see when you open your mind and expand it beyond the current situation you're in. You're gonna have to deal with the bad times whether you're ready for them or not (or whether you're happy about them or not) but while you're busy with responsibilities and life, don't neglect to think about the moment you're in. It's gonna pass before you know it and then it's gone for good. 

All photos by Kenji Bennett (IG Synchronity)

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