My Favorite Essential Oils


Summer is ending (*WHYYY*) but that doesn't mean your skin needs any less protection in the cooler months of the year. 

Your skin (aka the your largest organ) needs your care and attention during all seasons of the year and there's a plethora of skincare options available to you. I personally obsess over having smooth, healthy skin so I thought I'd share my favorite ways to keep it the way it is. 

Lately, I've been obsessing over my collection of essential oils!

Given the end of the season and arrival of new skincare products EVERYWHERE, I know it can be overwhelming trying to decide which products to test on your skin. No one likes to spend money on shit that doesn't actually work for you so I've got a cheat sheet for you here.


I'll present to you all of the oils i use on a regular basis and fill you in on what they've done for me.


Starting with my favorite: Art Naturals Rosehip oil

Benefits: Rosehip oil is said to fight off skin discoloration and help with skin tone

What I use it for: I use Rosehip oil everyday. I have a set regimen for my face so I've yet to add it to my skin care routine on my face but I slather my entire body in this holy grail of oils after I apply a light coat of moisturizer to my skin. This oil was my Partner in crime when I went on my Costa Rica trip

The result: My skin is not only soft as a babies bottom; it GLOWS like never before. The Rosehip oil has an orange tint to it which is perfect for getting already tanned skin look tanner and pale skin look more vibrant. I recommend this oil to EVERYONE who wants to show their skin some extra love.  PS This stuff is perfect for outdoor photo shoots.

Where to get it: I bought my bottle on Amazon but this oil is sold in most wellness and grocery stores.

Next up: Grapefruit/Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil


Benefits: Similar to Rosehip oil, this oil is perfectly for moisturizing skin and has been used by Hawaiian locals for CENTURIES. This one is perfect for dry skin and attacking scar tissue.

What I use it for: I use this oil on my chest and sternum areas to help with my discolored sun-kissed skin (sun spots).

The results: I have actually noticed with my own eyes a difference in my sun spots. Since I started using this oil, the spots on my sternum have almost completely gone away and blended with the rest of my skin (hallelujah).

Where to get it: I bought mine at a farmers market when I visited Hawaii years ago but LUCKY FOR YOU, these masters of organic soaps and oils have a website.

Next we've got 'Olena oil


Benefits: 'Olena oil helps attack acne, dry skin, sun damage and helps with the aging process of your skin.

What I use it for: This is the only oil I still use on my face although my new regimen doesn't approve. Twice a week, I add a layer of this oil to my face BEFORE I put on my moisturizer and night time serum. 

The results: This oil, I believe, was the only thing keeping my acne awol while I went back and forth between regimens. 

Now we're onto something stronger:  Art Naturals Signature Zen Restful Sleep and Signature Fatigue Fighter oils.


Benefits: Restful Sleep is perfect for those nights that you can't get to sleep. It helps calm your nerves incase you've got a big day ahead of you. Fatigue Fighter is for the complete opposite. Maybe your coffee didn't cut it after having a long night and you need a little extra something to get your ass into gear or just keep your eyes open.

What I use it for:

Restful sleep is my saving grace when my mind is running the night before a big gig. I'll know I have to get up early but the last thing my body wants to do is rest. Restful Sleep is my natural lullaby.  

Fatigue Fighter I take with me whenever I'm doing a day trip to LA. I get SO sleepy when I drive at night, especially 80+ miles back to San Diego from LA after a long day of work or play. This little soldier keeps my senses aware until I get to home sweet home. 

There you have it, beauties. I love trying new oils so if you've got any suggestions for me, the comment box is all yours! Please do share your favorite essential oils and why you love them below. Happy weekend, peeps!