Your Microblading Questions Answered

You've heard about this new technique being performed on faces around the world called microblading. You've seen the videos of it being done to gals all over the internet and you start to be intrigued by the thought of not having to fill your eyebrows everyday. You've had it in your head now for awhile (just like I did) but you're nervous and have some questions before investing in this cosmetic procedure. Look no further lads and ladies, I've got ya covered. 

Last week I sat through my first session of microblading (there are two appointments involved: the initial procedure and a follow up or "perfection" visit) with microblading specialist, Seanna, who let me sit her down for an interview before our session to give anyone looking into permanent makeup the information they really need before following through.

(PS this interview is also beneficial to anyone looking to start their own business as I asked Seanna specific questions about being a business owning beauty.)

I'll start off with business owning inquiries:

Question: When you first started Symmetry by Seanna, what were you most nervous about?

Answer: The success of the company and the consistency. 

Question: What part of starting your own business was/has been the most stressful?

Answer: Trying to market and advertise by herself without spending unnecessary amounts on it and building it all from scratch.

Question: What did you take into consideration when picking the location for your business to bloom?

Answer: She wanted to keep her studio close to home , demographics, and she wanted it to be in a cosmo studio. (Seannas practice is located inside a muti-artist building where there are about 10 other cosmetic practices all around her i.e. hair, skin and health studios.)

What is the most exciting part of starting your own company?

Answer: Getting to use her creative abilities and making people feel beautiful and happy. She's had nothing but positive feedback thus far.

Question: What's the hardest part about being a business owner?

Answer: "Oh Boy," Seanna said, eyes wide, "The process of getting started, permits, it's very costly and dealing with the health department."

Question: Why did you get started in this business?

Answer: After 14 years of practice, as a dental hygienist, Seanna decided to go part time and explore other career paths. She is a long time consultant with Rodan + Fields (an anti-aging and sun damage reversing skin care company created by Pro Active) and decided to take that to the next level by starting a business in the beauty field. 

Question: What's your advice for anyone starting up their own business?

Answer: You must have drive, purpose and PASSION!

Question: How helpful is it being married to someone so supportive of your dreams?

Answer: It's 100% helpful. Having supportive friends and family is so important.

-Now to the brows-

Question: What is typically the biggest concern with clients who have never had permanent makeup before?

Answer: "Does it hurt?" [my answer is.. it's more uncomfortable than painful. It's nothing like a tattoo, if that's what you're I did. It's probably a 4 out of 10 on the pain/uncomfortable scale] and "How long is it going to last?" (It lasts about a year when you take proper care of your skin)

Question: Who is microblading best for? Younger gals, middle aged or elderly women/men?

Answer: Seanna won't perform permanent makeup on anyone under the age of 21 but it works for all ages and genders.

Question: What is your advice to anyone considering getting permanent makeup?

Answer: DO YOUR RESEARCH! All tattoo artists are technically certified for microbading but this doesn't mean they've done proper microblading training. 

Question: Is waxing/treading/plucking still necessary after getting microbladed brows?

Answer: yes because hair will still grow outside of where your artist has filled your brows (but don't mess with your brows for at least two weeks after initial procedure)

Question: What does the price pay for (i.e. why do you charge $550 and other artists anywhere from $600-$1,200?)

Answer: The price really varies. It depends on all things from training, chair time, consult time, pigment, the blades themselves and new sterilized needles. The location also matters: LA artists will charge anywhere from $800-$1,200.

Other helpful pointers to anyone interested in permanent makeup:

Touch-ups are typically necessary after one year. If you want longevity, it's important to protect your face from the sun (most important in the first couple weeks after your procedure). Protect your area of cosmetic ink like an open wound. The longevity of your permanent makeup depends on your aftercare.

My personal microblading experience was wonderful. From the consult to the practice, Seanna knows what she's doing and it shows! If you're located in or around San Diego county, this is your go-to gal. 

Before brows

Before brows

After brow procedure

After brow procedure

Night of microblading procedure. No makeup on my brows, of course.

Night of microblading procedure. No makeup on my brows, of course.

Microblading experience.jpg