My 5 Favorite Ginger Snacks

Let's talk ginger. Seeing as ginger can play a major part in reducing nausea, muscle and menstrual pain and is known as a "super food," I decided I'd share with you all a handful of my favorite ginger products. Enjoy! 

1. We'll start out with my latest ginger fave: a ginger/lemon shot. What a wake up call and perfect way to quickly get a ton of nutrients into your system! 

2. Next we've got one of my favorite cold beverages in the summer time, ginger beer! Non-alcoholic or boozed up, ginger beer for the win on a warm summer day! Mix some vodka and lime in that bad boy and call it a day! Can't go wrong by adding a little juice (I prefer cranberry) to mix it up a little bit and you've got yourself a Moscow Mule, baby!.. Oh wait.. sorry I forgot the focus here was healthy ginger snacks. Moving along!

3. Back to the healthy stuff (another snack perfect for summer being right around the corner), a strawberry and ginger smoothie! Apple juice, bananas, fresh ginger, strawberries and a spoonful of organic strawberry yogurt and you're good to go witchya bad self.

4. When summer isn't in the air and cold season is, fresh ginger root and chamomile tea acts as the best friend you've always wanted. Soothing for the soul and body, your future self with thank you for the detox and love. 

5. Last but, like we all say, never least, my good old friend candied ginger. I had myself convinced for years that this stuff was poison after my mom giving it to me as a child but jut recently, I've reconnected with candied ginger. Hell a sweet snack with health benefits, count me in all day!