Quick post: My Acai bowl recipe (perfected)

I'm a sucker with a sweet tooth. New snack fad? Count me in!

I have a huge spot in my heart for pitaya bowls but given the big boom of acai rumbling its way through San Diego within the last year or so, I thought I'd give my own bowls a try.

I've got it down to a T and my acai bowls are my go-to for a nutritious snack/meal.


I start by throwing two frozen packets of Sambazon Acai.

A banana for texture (this can be frozen too or not!) I prefer frozen.

Add 2 teaspoons of apple juice, soy milk or almond milk.


1 cup of Bear Naked granola (I use Vanilla flavored granola). I had some trial and error when it came to finding the best granola for my acai bowl but after testing out Bear Naked, I've found the perfect match!

1 chopped banana 

1 handful of blueberries

1 handful of strawberries

honey drizzled across the top

and BAM! Now you've got yourself a delisious, easy, homemade acai bowl!

I found that (in terms of buying packets and ingredients opposed to buying bowls from food stops) I save myself about $30 on four bowls.

The cost altogether for my ingredients came to about $16 and makes up to 5 acai bowls depending on portions.