Revolutionary Back Pain Relief

Hey pretty lil thangs,

I've got a good one here for anyone who suffers from back pain (like I used to).

Emphasis on the USED to.

For those who don't know, along with being a model, blogger and pain in my boyfriends ass, I'm also a cocktail waitress in a hotel in Downtown San Diego. It's a given that as a waitress or waiter, you spend A LOT (your entire shift) on your feet. Because of this, I used to get agonizing pain in my shoulders and back.

back pain relief.jpg

This pain came to an abrupt end when I visited a chiropractor and explained my issues. I couldn't afford (or rather didn't want to spend the money on) the extensive treatment and visits back and forth to a chiropractor to only have my problems solved temporarily so I did some digging.

I observed what products the chiropractors were using for their practices and decided I'd attempt at putting together my very own self treatment center in my own room! Easy peasy, I love not having to go out of my way for executing pain. 

That's where Amazon (go figure) came to my rescue. Just like what the doctors use for physical therapy, I found two products that have quite literally changed my life.

Starting with this styrofoam roller. I use it every single day for 10-20 minutes and roll over it from my ass bone up to my shoulders. I move slowly while rolling so my back can get the proper stretching and PT it needs. Typically, my back will crack with noises of joy and relief and it doesn't take more than a week to notice your back pain seems to disappear into thin air. 

back pain relief.jpg

Next up, I've got this neck pillow which I only honestly use maybe once or twice a week but I'm hoping I commit to using it more when I get a little more time on my hands. This pillow was SUCH a score because the chiropractor I visited had one very similar to it and I knew when I saw it, I was going to get my hands on one. This lil guy is PERFECT for stretching out your neck in ways you can't do without it or something similar. I also saw other (more pricey) objects here but I haven't yet committed to anything else because I've found that the two products I've mentioned have already been working wonders. 

neck pain relief.jpg

(UPDATE Aug 2019)

A few other things that grant me extreme back relief are:

  1. Cupping massages - I have a blog post about this ancient Chinese holistic method of relieving stress and tension in the body. After having a just a few of these massages now, I can confidently recommend them and tell you I’ve felt immediate relief that lasts weeks- if not months!

  2. Acupressure mat - I bought this mat after reading about it on The Skinny Confidential.

    What seems like a cheap, plastic bed of tiny sharp (shark-teeth-like) plastic daggers actually gifts you surprising relief… once you get off of it, that is.

    (end update)

Anyways, that's all for today babes!

I hope you found this post useful and use it to your fragile back bone's advantages.