Healthy, Organic & Effective


I've been through ore trial and error when it comes to skincare regimens than I'd like to remember. I get this delicious thing called "cystic acne." Sounds lovely right? UGH it's TERRIBLE! I'd get one or two zits each month that would take WEEKS to come in and they were huge and extremely painful. I wasn't comfortable with a bare face. When one big zit left, there was always one more brewing to come in right after it. 

Moving on from that traumatic two years of my life..

Finally, my knight in organic armor came in the picture!


Organic Doctor approached me about trying their new "snail gel" line. The deal was, I try the products, use them day in and day out and then get back to them with a full, honest review on the products. I wasn't paid, this was all just a testing trial!

facial 2.jpg


My first time using the products, I just remember instantly falling in love with the smell. It isn't  poignant perfumey smell, it just smells FRESH! I decided to really commit to the routine (washing my face in the morning and EVERY night).

Within a week, my skin started to clear up and my skin feels SO soft and fresh all the time.

The reason I decided to write this review on my blog is on TWO occasions now, I've felt a zit coming in, continued to use my regimen and BAM! I'm not freaking kidding, people, the zits went away before they even emerged! CRAZINESS! 

The main thing I found interesting and extremely effective from this brand is the snail gel ingredient! Who knew snail gel was used as a natural smoothing and aging product because I didn't! You can actually feel the gel tighten your skin without drying it shortly after it's applied and I'm not kidding when I say it makes my face as smooth as a babies bottom.

Another couple of my favorite ingredients can be found in the products: tea tree and coconut oils. The tea tree oil is evident as soon as you apply the products. If you've ever applied tea tree oil alone to your face, you know it can sting over blemishes and often dry out your skin but the portions added to the products are so light, you can just barely smell it but you can feel it as it works it's magic along with the more soothing oils... like coconut oil! I obsess about Coconut oil and if you don't then maybe you haven't been filled in yet about how it's not only a healthier cooking option but works wonders for whitening teeth, moisturizing skin and fights off bacteria.

Needless to say, at this point, I'm utterly obsessed with the products and for anyone else interested in being WOWed by their skincare routine, I've added exactly which products I use below. Thank me later!