My Personal Make-up Essentials

When it comes to product reviews, I'm an expert (at reading them). I love reading about products before buying them (who doesn't? we all want our money going to something useful) to avoid blindly choosing the wrong product for myself. 

After a friend suggested I do a post about my own favorite makeup products, I got this idea instead! If I listed off my favorite makeup products, the list would go on for... longer than I'm currently willing to type out (if I'm honest). I decided a simpler list would do just fine for the time being and if you happen to enjoy this post or you find it useful in any way, let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Down to business. 

The first of my makeup essentials I'll share with you is the most popular and well known: The dip brow ($18) in medium brown. I started touching up my brows years ago with a pencil and I'm proud to say I've come a long way since then. I use a brush I bought from Sephora ($14) a couple months ago and I don't notice much of a difference between this brush and the Anastasia brow brush. 

Secondly, we've got my contour kit. Now, I am no contour master but I've ran through some major trial and error when it comes to trying different products that weren't right for me. I ran into this life-saver a couple months back and luckily avoided buyers remorse when I found how well the colors blend and hold. I'm always sure to powder my face before starting up my contour. Folks, I introduce to you the Lorac PRO contour kit by 

make up 10.jpg

Next, we've got my absolute favorite make up product: that is the Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX I could buy every shade of the phenomenal ($6!!) lip creams. I've spent more than enough money on Mac lip shades that cost me 3x what one of these costs and don't last nearly as long! 

Lastly, my loves, I present to you the only eye-shadow palette I own. OK, not true. I have 4 MAC Cosmetics palettes but this is the only one I use. I'm such a casual gal outside of my shoots, I don't need many options when it comes to choosing an eyeshadow. I'd love to dip my toes a little deeper into the eye-shadow realm but I'm afraid we'll have to wait until the next makeup haul. I imagine it's going to be similar to when I decided to try out contouring. Once you start it up, you can never go back. Why on Earth do I have my contact solution pictured with my NAKED 2 Palette by ($54) ???

Find out in my last blog post!

Disclaimer: I'm no make up artist (not even close); just a gal who likes to do up her own face every so often.