Casual Stroll with Taylor Krause (part 2)

Before I get started with adding photos to this lovely blog post, I thought I'd give ya'll a lil story about how/why I got started with modeling. SO..

I usually tell people the reason I got into modeling because my dad, a professional (Northern CA based) photographer was taking pictures of me my entire life and I just sort of got used to being in front of a camera. That's the short answer. The real answer is.. I was always curious about modeling. My entire childhood, I was ripping posters out of magazines and cutting out pages of models and superstars to hang on my walls. I loved the idea of getting paid to get all dolled up and model pretty clothes. Of course, now being a professional model I realize it isn't all fun and games; it's early call times in LA, driving two hours to make a casting call, avoiding cheese as much as you can to keep your face clear and being denied jobs you wish for because you're two inches shorter than required or the girl before you just fits the brand better.

Anyhoo, one evening shortly after graduating high school, I got a text from a gal in my class asking if I was available for a modeling job in Sacramento (45 minutes from where I grew up) that weekend because she couldn't make it. I was reluctant but thrilled to accept! I knew it wasn't paid and I knew I had no legitimate modeling experience but I was ready to give it my all. I drove out with one of my best girl friends (who also wanted to give modeling a go for her first time) on a donut tire because my front left tire had popped just the day before.  Can you imagine how nervous I was making that drive?! Turns out, my lug-nuts were loose as well.. so at any time, Ashlyn and I could have ended up as road kill instead of models. Obviously I'm overjoyed that wasn't the case.

The shoot was set up for the "Sacramento Photography Club," an organization where photographers go to shoot new faces in curated scenes. The organizer, Bridgett, always had a specific theme set for the meet ups and the shoot Ash and I came up for was a classic car pin up shoot. After showing up for hair and makeup, I quickly fell in love with someone else doing my face up and having a wardrobe stylist. I loved the way I looked and I loved the fluttering feeling in my stomach when a photographer would snap a photo, look at it and say "Amazing, keep going!" 

It was 60 chilly degrees that morning and I had goosebumps all over my body. Between shooting, and changing, I'd snuggle up in a blanket while waiting to go again! Have you ever tried modeling ON TOP of a ice cold classic cars in heels, a skirt and a tank top?! IT'S NOT PRETTY. I mean.. the pictures were great but the situation.. not pretty. Regardless, when the shoot was wrapped, Ash and I couldn't stop raving about how much fun if was to ACTUALLY model for REAL photographers! We were fucking STOKED!

From there, I had no clue in hell how to get a model career started... neither did anyone I knew!  My friend Emily, actually, really helped me build my portfolio. There aren't many models where I'm from so she was always as happy to work with me as I was her! We shot a good handful of times that first year of me getting into modeling but I knew I couldn't ALWAYS have Em take my pictures if I wanted to grow so I turned to Model Mayhem where I met a handful of photographers. Many of the shoots seemed sketchy and some of the photographers I met online seemed a little too creepy for me to meet up with alone... so I'd bring a friend along. Obviously if I'm going to get killed on a photo shoot, I want a friend to be there for it! (I kid, I kid) (or am I kidding?)

From there, I came to a stalemate. I wasn't being offered paid jobs and that's what I really wanted: to be a real model in real professional shoots with professional personnel. That's when I turned to Instagram. Similar to Model Mayhem, I was frequently heading to the city (SF) nervous that it would be my last day on the planet. I was shooting a lot of implied and lingerie and although I said it was because I wanted to show women to be comfortable in their skin (like I am with my itty bitty titties), it was really because it got me the most exposure. NO RAGRATS! Sure I wish I didn't take my clothes off for particular "photographers" but without doing what I did, I'd have never learned from it and realized that it wasn't the kind of model I wanted to be.

Like every other blogger or model who builds up a portfolio, you start being more picky with who you shoot with and how you are styled during the shoots (collaborations anyways). When I made my move to San Diego,  I started working with people who really sparked my creativity and I started refusing people who's vibe wasn't matching my own. However, it wasn't until I finally signed with an agency that I realized how important being so selective really is. I signed with Frank Model Management almost a year ago when I decided to give modeling one more year of everything I've got to offer. If I failed, I'd change my path and move onto something more reliable but it was my persistence and positive attitude that pushed me to the limit last year and I became the model I never even knew I had the potential to be. 

I guess the sum of it all is.. you have to give your passion your all and I mean YOUR ALL! You can't just give it some effort here and there and expect it to take off because 99% of the time, that isn't going to get you anywhere. You need intense drive to take over your motivation that constantly pushes you to keep doing and keep trying harder. THAT's going to get you where you want to be in life and that's how I got myself here. Of course, I have so much growth ahead of me still but I've got to say, I am very pleased with how far I've gotten myself thus far. 


Thanks for reading my story! If you'd like to share yours, drop it in the comments below! I'd love to hear it!

All photos above were taken by the very talented, Taylor Krause.

Have a happy week! :)