Coronado Cruisin' feat. Rhodora Espiritu & Miken Clothing

What's better than shooting with a photographer you enjoy the company and work of? Promoting a local, rad brand while doing it.

I found Miken Clothing after seeing a fellow Frank Model post a photo from a shoot she had just recently done with them. It wasn't until I entered a contest on Miken's page that they reached out with interest in working with me. Exciting for me because I love LOVE promoting and working with local brands.

We got to chatting and I was asked to pick a few items to be sent. After deciding I'm far too indecisive to pick myself, I had the marketing manager (MM) send me her choices. 

I received the package and immediately thought to write my girl friend Rhodora who I had just previously shot with and she was instantly interested. We took the items to Coronado Beach and got to snapping. The best part about freelance modeling is that you have brands who trust your better judgment to create something unique for them to use. I love being given creative freedom especially since Rhodora and I feed off of each others creative processes so this shoot was quick but efficient. We both got out of it exactly what we were looking for while also providing awesome images for Miken!

I do mostly agency work but when approved by my agent, I like to squeeze in as much work outside of the agency as I can. When it comes to accepting freelance jobs, I always double check if the brand offers products that, first off, will go with my aesthetic or my modeling style. (Example: I'm not going to accept to work with skater street wear because that's not the audience I'm appealing to and I can't get honest work back out to brands that I don't honestly want to work for. ) That is the beauty of freelance! You not only have creative freedom, whereas an agency picks your work for you, you get to do it yourself and link with brands you're into! 

The creative process of modeling is what originally pulled me in in the first place. I've always loved meeting with photographers whose work I enjoy and picking at each others brains until we come up with a perfect concept for what we're shooting. 

This is what Rhodora and I came up with for Miken! Enjoy!!

All photographs by Rhodora Espiritu

Beach cover and "Mermaid Hair" tank by  Miken Clothing , also found at Macy's, Nordstrom and most Target stores nation wide.

Tank available for purchase  here 



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May the odds be ever in your favor :)