Ramona Pit Stop

After a long day of shooting and showing off the desert to my guy, our bittersweet (literally) trip came to a close. 

On our way home, we ran into one of the small town of Ramona's greatest treasures, the Julian Hard Cider mill. For the first time ever, James let me work the other side of his camera! Ok Ok... he didn't really let me.. I ended up grabbing his camera before we got our of the car and instantly became his personal paparazzi. 

He hated it..

and I've sworn on my life not to post particular pictures.. partially because I don't want to ruin my chances of shooting James ever again! Photography is a secret passion of mine, isn't it every models? To not only to be able to pose for pictures but to have the ability to direct them and create them as well? No? Just me? 

I've always loved taking pictures so having a beautiful boyfriend with a nice camera is a total win for me! How could I not want to photographically stock this human being!?