"Get it together"...... like who? Who actually has it all together?

I've been looking for answers lately as if they're hiding under a rock for me. Thinking I know it all, I get myself caught up in a feeling of steadiness and neglect to acknowledge the fact that nothing is stable and everything can flip in the blink of an eye. LITERALLY THAT QUICK, it's no joke, no exaggeration! You can prepare for it all you want but the truth is, no matter how successful you are, no matter how many friends you have or how many trips around the world you make, your life is no more predictable than the persons next to you. Between the unpredictability of our health and the chance than anything could happen at any time, no one is to say exactly how much time we have here in this mad world.   I try to reinforce this with my friends, followers and most commonly, myself. No one actually has a set plan and idea of what their life will be because it's impossible! You can plan a flight one sure week away and the day for departure,  you get a call changing your entire life, cancelling your big trip, evacuating the breath from your body. This is more of a rant than a blog post so for those who find interest in my usual positive stories or inspiring words, I do apologize for the moment of weakness but I think it's good to be transparent at times. I think we all need to learn how to be more honest with ourselves and the people around us.  No one has it all together so what the hell is everyone's goals? To PRETEND they have it more together than the person next to them? GOD THIS WORLD JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! What are we trying to prove or gain? A less stressful life ? Does that mean you were more successful because you stressed less than your neighbor? I've been blessed and cursed with wild compassion. I can't overlook someone else's scenario without imagining myself in their position. I'm lucky to see that there is more to this life than materialistic items. I know more than anything else that the way you treat other people is what remains when you go, not what you wear, who you meet,or what billboard you were on.  The facts remain that you can't get by just catering to those with less than you. Car payments and bills exist and being a mindful, kind person doesn't make you as much money as it makes you a good human being. That's the hard truth. Being a genuine person doesn't win you a spot in the hall of fame; in fact, being a football player would get you a star before being a neurosurgeon did but that's the blow you get for being a good person in a country that is based off of the consumption of the greedy humans it houses. There isn't a baseline I'm trying to get to here, I just think with all of the support I get from my beautiful followers, you all deserve to know I'm only human. I get really sad and overwhelmed sometimes and I let life chew me up without a fight at times. I encourage everyone to do and be their best always but I've got to admit to you all that I fail at this ALL the time. I lose my head on a regular basis but a smile remains on my face as if I'm not floating without a body. Vulnerable. Me. I'm sensitive and I don't like filtering my thoughts or how I feel. I'm an open person and I think it helps some people to see that those they look up to also struggle like a mother fucker in this sugar-coated day and age. 

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