Disappointment is an interesting thing


Like most things in life, we create disappointment from absolutely nothing. It comes from the thin air we decide to lose our minds in. We let our minds wonder with our thoughts here like: what to expect, what we want, what could go wrong, etc. We get all caught up always expecting something to go a certain way and get upset with the outcome when things don't go as we planned. So how about this, how about we try to expect nothing? Take each minute as it comes to you: one at a time. I'm guilty of getting myself excited or believing something will turn out a specific way and when I'm left with nothing but my disappointment, I'm able to face the fact that I'm holding the only blame there is. So I'll tell you this.... take it like a grain of salt or soak it up like the sun; I found myself breathing much easier when I decided to let myself go with the flow instead of trying to force things into the places I wanted them to fit. 

It's such a distraction too, isn't it? Expecting something out of someone or out of an experience? We look strictly for what we want and what we were expecting and completely ignore all that is happening before us because our attention is thirsty looking for only what we expected. It takes away from life, routinely hoping something turns out the way wish it does. Sometimes it's best to just relax and put your time and faith into life's hands and rinse your own free of worry and responsibility. Let life happen the way it's going to. Regardless of if you've got a handle on shit or not, life is going to keep moving and, honey, it goes fast so you might as well enjoy it while you still can. 

All photos below shot and edited by Alandra (IG: @alandramichelle) in North Park, San Diego CA

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