Wanderlust Heart, Indecisive Soul

This life isn't simple. You don't need me to tell you that but it seems like a necessary opener for this post. I'm in indecisive lady like the woman right next to me. Though sure of ourselves, our decisions never lift their weight. 

Point Loma, San Diego

Point Loma, San Diego

I don't know about you but I spend more than enough time wondering, 'What's next?" 

San Diego skyline

San Diego skyline

I'm all about living in the moment and absorbing all I already have placed in front of me but being only human, I naturally find myself exploring the non-existing future and thoughts of change. I don't find this to be a negative thing usually, but I must admit, my mind lately has been a clusterfcuk of 'Where to? What next? How?'

I've decided today to pack these thoughts away for six months. This is my goodbye-for-now to thoughts of base relocation and making a home in another beautiful city completely capable of drowning me. 

I love San Diego. With the bipolar but always beautiful weather, miles of beaches I still haven't gotten the chance to explore all of in my past 16 months of living here and endless shops, restaurants and hole-in-the-wall coffe shops, you can't possibly deny the cities beauty and worth. 

If/when (who knows?) I leave San Diego, it won't be because this city wasn't big or beautiful enough for me. If I leave San Diego, I'm not sure why or when I'll do it. Will it be because I find somewhere that looks more appealing to my appetite? Maybe because I'll finally decide I could use a white winter. Could I force myself to move out of California? My beautiful home for 22 years of life? Moving to San Diego from a Northern Central California town was easy in a sense because I knew I'd still belong to Cali. 

I'd love comments from my out-of-staters! How do you like your city/state/country? 

I've fallen so deeply for California, a piece of my almost feels wrong for having thoughts of other territories.

My apologies, my dear. If I leave, I'll still love you most.